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AEA Big Ribbon A 440

Actieve versie van de 44 series.

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Iconic, High-Performance Ribbon Mic

Get to know them!

We may all tune to A440, but, with the AEA A440 in your mic locker, you really won’t have to tune your ears or your EQ. The A440 is an extremely quiet ribbon microphone, arguably the quietest ribbon mic ever produced. And, with its extraordinarily natural ribbon response, you get exactly what you hear — which is exactly what you want. What’s more, when you listen to the A440, you’ll instantly understand how it fits right into AEA’s “Big Ribbon” tradition. Yet, it’s like getting the warmth and beauty of the classic RCA 44 only with a robust phantom-powered signal you can send to any preamp. The AEA A440 is truly everything you love about the 44 — warmth, beauty — but upgraded and enhanced with modern features. It’s the ribbon microphone no pro studio should be without.



Robust output you can use with any preamp

Passive ribbon mics are notorious for their low output. Luckily, phantom power and modern microelectronics have addressed this weakness. In the A440, AEA applies the proven JFET amplifier technology used in their TRP preamps to the mechanics of their large-ribbon R44C mic. This results in 18dB of additional output and greater flexibility with different preamps. Indeed, the A440’s sensitivity is higher than most condenser mics — yet it has a whisper-quiet self‑noise floor.

Classic, flattering “Big Ribbon” sound

The AEA A440 serves up the authentic sound, vintage cosmetics, and seven-pound heft of the iconic RCA 44BX manufactured between 1936 and ’38. The A440’s internal head amp requires 48V phantom power, but it’s also designed to protect the ribbon element from phantom power, alleviating a perennial concern of ribbon-mic users. Due to its many advantages, many engineers at Sweetwater Studios actually favor the A440 over the (meticulously maintained) vintage RCA 44s in our mic locker.

Capture any source with excellent results

The AEA A440 honors the classic legacy of all-time great ribbon mics by delivering the rich, characterful sound that made the RCA 44 a recording icon. Gorgeous on a broad range of instruments and voices, the A440’s native figure-8 polar pattern complements the acoustics of any room or hall. Its mellifluous tone reinforces the mids and lows while smoothing abrasive highs to provide a lovely, multidimensional sound that will flatter any source. And, with an impressive maximum SPL rating of 132dB, you can use it on everything from vocals to electric guitars to full orchestras. The A440 is perfect for enhancing any voice or instrument with legendary ribbon character!

AEA A440 Active Ribbon Microphone Features:

  • Classic “Big Ribbon” microphone, phantom powered for robust output
  • Manufactured in the USA, handcrafted to order
  • JFET active electronics in the AEA TRP tradition
  • Exceptionally low equivalent noise level 6dB(A)
  • Authentic RCA New Old Stock ribbon material
  • Investment cast bronze yoke and machined brass parts, no zinc
  • Single diaphragm with well-controlled, native figure-8 polar pattern
  • Consistent horizontal polar response, on and off axis
  • 90-degree null-plane helps reject difficult acoustics
  • High SPL capability: 132dB (1% third harmonic >1kHz)
  • Computer-matched to production reference standards
  • Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 88dB (A) (94dB SPL minus equivalent noise)
  • Horizontal: Level changes with angle, frequency response is consistent, null at right angles to major axis 90/270 degrees
  • Vertical: Level changes with angle, reduced HF response above and below 0/180 degrees axis, null at right angles to major axis 90/270 degrees
  • Requires +48V phantom power
  • Includes vertical storage case, gray twill bag, user manual, captive 10-foot output cable with XLR-3M connector

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