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Microtech Gefell M 990 | B-stock Dark Bronze

Buizenmicrofoon van Microtech Gefell. Prachtige vintage warme klank met open midhoog.

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The M 990 is renowned for its high sensitivity and excellent signal-to-noise ratio. It combines modern large diaphragm capsule technology with the typical full-bodied sound of tube microphones that are preferred by vocalists and soloists. The M 990 vacuum tube condenser microphone is well-suited for difficult radio play productions as well as a supporting microphone for orchestra recordings.

The new pressure gradient transducer of the M 990 uses a large diameter gold-plated plastic diaphragm. The vacuum tube preamplifier is equipped with a pentode working as a triode selected for its sonic characteristics.

The N 920.1 power supply provides the operating voltage for the vacuum tube condenser microphone. It can be powered from AC mains with a primary voltage of 115 or 230 volts / 50 or 60 Hz.

For cable lengths over 50 meters it is recommended to have your service provider set the heater voltage of the power supply to 5.8 volts. The N 920.1 is equipped with an on/off-switch, a 7-pin Tuchel connector that powers the microphone and a 3-pin XLR connector with integrated line voltage selector.

The M 990 is packed in a wooden case and comes with power supply, connection cable C 92.1 and elastic suspension EA 92.



Tube-Condenser Microphone


M 990

Polar pattern


Acoustical operating principle

Pressure gradient transducer

Frequency range

40 ... 18000 Hz

Sensitivity at 1 kHz

28 mV / Pa

Rated impedance

200 Ω

Equivalent loudness level
due to inherent noise

CCIR 468-4 (qps)

24 dB

DIN EN 60651

13 dB - A

Signal-to-noise ratio
(re 1 Pa at 1 kHz)


70 dB


81 dB

Max. SPL for THD ≤ 0,5 %

119 dB

Total dynamic range of the microphone amplifier

106 dB

DC power supply

120 V -

Anode current

1 mA -

Heater voltage

5,8 V -

Heater current

200 mA -


EF 86

Output connector

7- pin Tuchel C 70 / A


400 g

Dimensions (L x Ø )

185 x 43 mm


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