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Bettermaker Mastering EQ

Hi end Mastering EQ, passief en parametrische fiters, digitaal aangestuurd. Stereo/Dual mono/MS mode.

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Product omschrijving

Bettermaker® Mastering Equalizer for those who seek outstading EQ quality with the convinience of fast and precise recall and automation.

MEQ offers 100% signal path,  Passive as well as parametric filters, Highpass filter with changable slope and resonanse, Stereo/Dual mono/MS operation and a metering section with EQ curve representation.
All this with mastering grade sound and patentedrecall with a speed of a native plugin. 

– 100% analog audio signal path
– USB connectivity with MAC/PC
– all parameters are digitally controlled via touchscreen and/or DAW (with dedicated plugin)
– 399 presets with unique names, total recall, A/B comparison
– 5-inch capacitive touchscreen with backlight, four encoders with push-button action for ease of control
– stereo, dual-mono and mid/side operation modes with focus function
– stereo 12 or 24dB/oct high-pass filter with adjustable cutoff frequency (10Hz – 240 Hz; extended to 6Hz with the resonance enabled)
– four stereo parametric filters with 15dB boost/cut range, variable Q (0.2 – 7):
– EQ1: 22Hz – 470Hz (bell/shelf)
– EQ2: 90Hz – 2kHz (bell)
– EQ3: 480Hz – 10kHz (bell)
– EQ4: 1kHz – 23kHz (bell/shelf)
– stereo passive equalizer with extended hi-boost section (air bands: 20 and 28 kHz)
– stereo, 12dB/oct low-pass filter with adjustable cutoff frequency (2 – 38 kHz)
– adjustable output level (+/- 10dB)
– Frequency Search, Gain Lock, Note and Auto-Q functions
– on-board measurement of PEAK/RMS levels and RTA analyzer
– on-screen live representation of the equalization curve

Digital Section

The sound of the Mastering Equalizer is of course based on the quality of its analog filters, precisely matched capacitors and inductors. But all the control and user interactions are performed in the digital domain. This allows us to incorporate options and possibilities not found in any standard analog equalizers:

- Save and recall presets from on-board memory (400 slots available)
- Instant reset of all parameters
- Rapid, precise and repeatable adjustments
- Precisely linked stereo operation with the ease of a single control
- DAW automation and recall of all available parameters

The digital section of the Mastering Equalizer is based around high speed, 32-bit micro-controller, with dedicated firmware programmed into its memory (with the possibility of updating the firmware via USB connection). It controls the parameters af all analog filters, watches over the user interface, presets management, audio measurement, USB connectivity and other Mastering Equalizer functions.

Front panel and LCD touchscreen

The front panel of the Mastering Equalizer is build around big LCD touchscreen, that allows you to control almost all functions available in the device. It will show you live representation of the EQ curve and allow you to adjust filter gain and frequency with the touch and drag of your finger (check unique Frequency Search function!). Apart from that, you can also monitor input/output levels, access the FFT real time analyzer or store and recall presets using on-screen QWERTY keyboard.

Technical specification (all filters enabled, set flat):

– Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz (+/- 0.2 dB)
– Dynamic range: 102dB (+23dBu, 22kHz BW)
– THD+N: 0.03% @ +4 dBu, 0.06% @ +18 dBu, 20 kHz BW
– CMRR: max 85 dB @ 3 kHz, min 52 dB @ 20Hz, 20 kHz BW
– Crosstalk: min -100 dB @ 30Hz, max -65 dB @ 20kHz, +18 dBu, 20 kHz BW
– balanced stereo input (XLR), 23dBu max input level (THD < 0.2%)
– balanced stereo output (XLR), 23dBu max output level (THD < 0.2%)
– Operating Level: +4dBu
– Input impedance (differential): 48kΩ (for balanced signal)
– Output Impedance: 50Ω + 50Ω (electronically balanced)
– 2U enclosure, 230mm deep
– 115/230V switch
– advanced linear power supply with toroidal AC mains transformer
– Maximum power consumption: 20W
– Shipping weight: 5.5 kg, 62x37x21 cm



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