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Rupert Neve Designs RMP D 8   Black Friday

8 kanaals pre-amp en converter met Dante en AES connectie. Zowel voor live als studio toepassing.

AES & Dante


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The massive weight & tone of classic Rupert Neve Designs studio microphone preamps: now available on your network.

For the last decade, the world’s leading live sound engineers have chosen Rupert Neve Designs as some of the only analog equipment to accompany their digital touring rigs. With mastering-grade 24-bit 192kHz converters and full Dante integration, the RMP-D8 finally offers the live sound world something that studios have always coveted: the sound of Rupert Neve Designs.

“The RMP-D8 sounds and feels like a classic Rupert Neve console to me.”



Legendary Rupert Neve Tone

The heart of the RMP-D8 lies in the modular mic preamp cards featuring Mr. Rupert Neve’s custom transformer designs. Unlike other integrated Dante mic preamp designs that rely primarily on a single IC for gain & tone, the RMP-D8 has eight fully-realized class-A microphone preamplifiers feeding eight custom audio transformers, maintaining the high standards of Rupert Neve Designs’ standalone preamplifiers.


“Changing my front end to this pre-amp has given me everything back. Warm deep low end, rich mid-range, smooth clear top end. Punch, Clarity. The difference is mind blowing…it’s like having a different console.”


Mastering-Grade Conversion

Where converters are often an afterthought on combination devices, the 24-bit/192kHz converters in the RMP-D8 are a product of years of careful listening.

The precision­ controlled internal clocking and enhanced jitter reduction enable capture of the full breadth of performance from the mic preamplifiers or the line inputs; with the RMP-D8, there is no weak link in the audio path.

The New Dante Standard

Dante audio networking uses standard IP networks to transmit high-quality, uncompressed audio with near-zero latency. It’s the most flexible, reliable, and easy-to-manage audio networking solution available, and provides the lowest cost of ownership by dramatically reducing cabling and labor costs. Dante is the audio networking choice of nearly all professional audio manufacturers, making it the industry standard for digital audio networking.

The RMP-D8 is also fully DDM (Dante Domain Manager) Ready.

8 mic / line inputs with 48V phantom power, polarity reverse, input pad & high-pass filter controls.

1dB-stepped class-A mic preamplifiers with 60dB gain and remote control capability.

Every channel runs through custom Rupert Neve Designs transformers for the larger-than-life tone of Rupert’s classic modules.

24-bit / 192kHz Mastering-Grade Converters with precision-controlled internal clocking and enhanced jitter reduction.

Ultra-reliable, redundant power supplies capable of operating anywhere in the world.

Dante integration with secondary redundant RJ45 network port for reliability.

4 dual-channel AES outputs on XLR connectors with gain-compensated secondary output.

Large OLED display with full local control; accurate and easy-to-read meters.

Compatible with Dante Virtual Sound Card and Dante Via for direct computer integration.

Reinforced steel chassis for enhanced RF shielding and rugged touring use in challenging environments.


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