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sE Electronics SE 8 Omni Pair

Omni variant van de sE 8.

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Product omschrijving

The sE8 omni - Perfect twins for perfect sound.

Based on the highly acclaimed sE8 cardioid pencil condenser, sE proudly offers an omnidirectional option.

Featuring the very same, sophisticated capsule backplate design and true condenser technology, the sE8 omni provides an authentic and transparent sound quality second to none.

Every pair is hand-crafted and carefully selected in our own factory to ensure the best possible performance. With the lowest noise and highest SPL capability in its class, the sE8 omni is the perfect choice for demanding applications like recording orchestras, ensembles and choirs but equally good for solo instruments, vocals and percussion.


  • every capsule is hand-crafted and individually tuned in our own factory with the highest attention to detail
  • the ultra-thin gold-sputtered diaphragm delivers an impressive transient response that enables capturing even the smallest of nuances
  • with an ultra-precision electrode, the sE8 omni is optimized for superb linearity and natural sound, ensuring a consistently smooth and balanced frequency response


  • sophisticated electronic design and specially optimized Class-A electronics provide extremely low noise without the use of integrated circuits
  • as one of the quietest microphones on the market - and by far the quietest microphone in its class, the transformerless design enables excellent transparency and clarity
  • completely new electronic design also ensures a beyond-the-norm dynamic range and excellent transient response without distortion


The -10dB and -20dB switchable attenuation pad prevents overloading your preamp or mixer and provides extended dynamic range without compromises. Two switchable levels enable close-mic techniques for even the loudest sources like brass instruments, timpani and drums.


Selectable at either 80Hz or 160Hz, these two filters help eliminate low-frequency rumble or footfall noise, as well as help compensate for excessive bass (proximity effect) with close-mic techniques.




Unlike the cheaply constructed bodies of some small-capsule microphones, the sE8 omni’s all-metal chassis provides efficient rejection of any electrical interference and noise - and the high-quality finish and gold-plated XLR connector ensures a great look and a loss-free, reliable signal connection for years to come.

The sE8 omni also comes standard with a newly-designed mic clip that will securely attach it to any mic stand.


sE8 omni Matched Pair

As with all of our factory-matched pairs, every mic ending up in an sE8 omni Stereo Pair configuration is meticulously hand-selected after strict evaluation by trained ears and the latest analysis tools, with measurements taken in our anechoic chamber to ensure the highest possible mic-to-mic consistency.

You can rest assured that your stereo image will be as clear & accurate as possible.


Capsule Type: Hand-Crafted Small-Diaphragm True Condenser

Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional

Frequency range: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Sensitivity: 20 mV/Pa (-34 dBV)

Max SPL: 141 / 151 / 161 dBSPL (0/10/20 dB Attenuation pad)

Equivalent noise level: 15 dB(A)

Dynamic range: 126 / 136 / 146 dB (0/10/20 dB Attenuation pad)

Signal to Noise Ratio: 79 dB

Low-cut filter: 80 / 160 Hz, 6 dB/Oct, switchable

Attenuation Pad: 10 / 20dB, switchable

Powering: 48 Volts according to IEC 61938

Electrical Impedance: 110 Ohms

Recommended load impedance: >1k Ohms

Current consumption: 2.7 mA

Connectivity: 3-pin male XLR connector

Diameter: 23 mm (0.91 in.),

Length (capsule only): 21.5 mm (0.85 in.)

Length (including sE8 preamp): 120 mm (4.72 in.)

Weight (capsule only): 26 g (0.92 oz)

Weight (including sE8 preamp): 141 g (4.97 oz)


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